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I know I have some wonderful feminists here on Tumblr. I haven’t done much feminist-inspired writing in a long while. Not entirely sure why. But I feel like I just had a breakthrough, a moment of insanity followed by tons of inspiration. It would mean a lot if you let me know what you think of this if you have a moment to read it. Thanks so much!

When I started writing this, I didn’t know where I was going. But like most times when I write, the words just got me to where I needed to be. This didn’t begin as a search for my feminist roots, but it seems that’s where I might have ended up. See, I was feeling kind of down because sometimes, you just have to let the world get you down. Or more to the point, I sometimes have to let the world get ME down. Reality, it can be a real bitch and moreso when you know that you don’t necessarily live within the realm of what most people consider to be a “responsible,” “realistic” lifestyle. Most of the time, I thrive on this energy. Knowing that I’m living the way that I want to live (whether or not it’s more of a struggle is kind of irrelevant) is pretty fulfilling. Knowing that I can just drop everything without really feeling much remorse, or that 9 out of 10 times, when given the option between work and play, I’ll probably play (because, hell, life is short), is actually pretty of satisfying in my eyes. At least for the moment, I’m like the grasshopper that hung out all summer, with some occasional moments of ant-like behavior thrown in (I honestly think stories like that were created to keep people’s nose to the grind stone so that they wouldn’t question why they had to work so hard, and instead submit to the machine, but that’s neither here nor there). I guess I just like to break the rules now and again, and I definitely like to bend them and twist them around. I know that a lot of people don’t get it. I understand what thoughts are behind the faces I sometimes get. But why should I let that stop me? Why should anyone let anyone else stop them from making their dreams come true? When I think of all the people I’ve ever admired, they were all big rule breakers and they all did what they needed to do to survive. I also realize that a large percentage of them are men. Men who were outcasts or outlaws or both. Some of the women were, too, but it always seems like they had a harder time of it. And then I wondered if I have also had a harder time of it because I’m a woman. Thinking back, I could think of countless stories where people told me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Or to be careful because I was a girl. Or to make sure I acted ladylike and proper. And shit, it made me mad.

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